Why “Garuda” Yoga?

A “garuda” is a mythical bird-like creature, sometimes ridden by Buddha, that is believed to be the destroyer of evil. Lama Govinda says the garuda symbolizes “man in transition towards a new dimension of consciousness…the transition from the human to the superhuman state. It is our belief that a regular yoga practice can “transition a man towards a new dimension of consciousness”.  Just like garuda is a vehicle to Buddha a regular can yoga practice be a vehicle to guiding ourselves out of our old patterns of thinking into new ones.

In Tibetan Buddhism, the garuda is one of the four animals that represent characteristics of a bodhisattva. The animals are the dragon, representing power; the tiger, representing confidence; the snow lion, representing fearlessness; and the garuda, representing wisdom. It is our  hope that we can practice together with wisdom and honesty towards our bodies and mind.